Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The International Day of Tolerance in Lithuania

On the 16th of November, The International Day of Tolerance was held in Lithuania. Throughout the country ,the sails of the ships of tolerance were flapping. Vilkaviskis Primary school also decided to join the campaign“The ship of Tolerance“ Welcome to have a look at our pupils‘ works.
Irada Miltiniene, English Teacher Of Vilkaviskis Primary School/Lithuania

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Comenius Corner For The First Meeting In Italy/Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School/Turkiye

We have been displaying all the project material in our hall comenius corner at Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School , in Turkiye. According to our project, every partner school  set up a corner  where all products  developed  throughout the project and every important information connected with our project are displayed.In this way, every student  knows what is happening. Our first meeting  was in Italy.  All students can see the photos of  Italy trip in the corner.

Our comenius corner has some samples of our works that have been done by the students in the project. For example, models of Colosseum and Pisa tower, posters about Italy are showed. Parents  also   follow the project  and outcomes from the corner.   Here are our posters  which were prepared by our pupils. All posters were done during English class by students.

Aslı Altan Altundal, English Teacher of Türkkonut Emel Önal  Primary School/Turkiye