Thursday, 25 July 2013

M. Gandhi

                      MAHATMA GHANDHI
                                        October 2, 1869 - January 30, 1948

  • Main objective: promotion of people who were fighting for human rights and promotion of active citizenship
  • Age: 6th till 8th grade
  • Time: 45 min.

  • Material: Biography Of Mahatma Ghandhi, written Puzzles, post its in two different  colors,  papers and pens,

  • Activities:

  1. Face to face with prejudice;  How did you feel?
  2. Biography Of Mahatma Ghandhi
  3. Promotion of active citizenship
  4. Things are not what they seem to be (Energizer will be done if there is left any time)
  5. Evaluation


  1. Face to face with prejudice;  How did you feel?

Activity: Everybody gets one post-it and have to stick it on his/her head but he/she doesn’t know what is written on it (prejudices: always lying, not to smart, steels, drug addict, was in prison, is prostitute,  not to pretty, Roma, Muslim, Serbian, adolescent that gave a birth to a child, homosexual). Group members have to say some prejudices about what is written on the label

Objective: developing empathy to the people that are different from us, feel discrimination on your own skin

  1. Biography Of Mahatma Ghandhi

  • Objectives: learn facts about Mahatma Ghandhi’s life
  • First we have to show the picture of Ghandhi to pupils and ask them what  they know about the person on the picture
  • Activity: work in  4 small groups, first splitting the whole class  using the game called Fruit salad (from the hat pupils have to pick up a piece of  paper on which is a sort of fruit is written ( or real fruit instead of paper) and than they have to form small fruit salad which is made from different kinds of fruit ); Every small group will have to read one part of the text  and tell the others the most important facts about Mahathmas life ( they will have to make a puzzle and write it down)
  • Text and puzzle are  in the attachment

  1. Promotion of active citizenship

·         Activity: “Now when you heard these stories, you have to make your own plan for helping in your local community or maybe in global society (e.g. helping someone who has financial, social or health problems, helping animals and  supporting environment are also included)

·         Objectives: promote young people to be active citizens, promote volunteering

·         Method:  work in triplets that I will share using the game called The same Number, every small group will have to make their own plan with specific actions and deadlines, and then present it to the whole group

  1. Energizer: Things are not what they seem to be

  • Activity: smaller groups of five members have to do the same task: What else could you make from one sock beside its usual purpose. The winner is group that found the most new or innovative solutions
  • Objectives: technique that develops creativity
  • Methods: brainstorming in two groups, competition and cooperation, having fun
  • This activity depends on time! (if there is any left)

  1. Evaluation:

  • Methods: Every member will take two post-its and they have to write down what is the most interesting thing that they learned today. On the other one post it everyone should write down their feelings after today workshop. Post its will be  sorted in 2 groups and we will put them on the big paper.
Objectives: get feedback from group members, find out about how they will use their new knowledge

by: Ana Vasiljev, social pedagogue

Friday, 12 July 2013

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Stribor's Forest

This drawing was done by a pupil from Lithuania.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Sunday, 7 July 2013

Lithuanian Family / Lithuania

Irada Miltiniene,English Teacher Of Vilkaviskis Primary School/Lithuania

Once Upon a Time .../ Lithuania

Once upon a time there lived five children. They lived in different countries. Tomano was Indian. Kia was from Hong Kong . Dweya was from Bangladesh, and Mongua came from Nigeria. Rasa lived in Lithuania. All five children had one thing in common-they were orphans. They didn‘t have enough food to eat. They didn‘t have nice clothes to put on. They couldn‘t go to school. They couldn‘t even dream about computers and mobile phones. They missed badly their dead parents because they didn‘t have anyone to hug them or kiss them good night.
One late evening all of them were in their poor beds praying. Suddenly a wonderful thing happened to all of them. They saw saint Mary, the God‘s mother who told them:
Christmas is coming, my dear children. You suffered a lot in your short life. Much more than most of adults.
But now the things are going to change. As you all know-Christmas-is the time of miracles.Tomorrow you all are leaving for a magic country where children are equal and happy. They have the right to learn. They have the right to have a safe and caring home. They have the right to play.
A miracle has really happened and now Tomano, Kia,Dweya, Mogua and Rasa are together in the wonderland called Educenia. They are happy to have the Children rights they deserve.

Irada Miltiniene,English Teacher Of Vilkaviskis Primary School/Lithuania

Christmas Song/ Lithuania

Irada Miltiniene,English Teacher Of Vilkaviskis Primary School/Lithuania

Festivals / Czech Republic

Barbora Hejtmankova, English Teacher of Základní škola Bělá pod Pradědem /Czech Republic

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Croatian culture and history

The presentation was done by history teacher Margita Madunic.

A few jokes about teachers

    The teacher at the beginning and at the end of the school year ...

Selected by I.Čale, English teacher.

Concert - School Day

Day of School was celebrated on May 28,2013

Our pupils showed their skills in singing, playing musical instruments, acting, reciting and dancing.
The Comenius project Join Hands and Hug Europe and its activities including mobilities were presented to the local community 

Drama group

                                                         The big choir (grades 5-8) 

                                                              The little choir (grades 1-4)

Pjesma Abeceda (The alphabet song) 

Hokey Pokey
                                                                   Proljece (Spring)

 Our talented pupil Nika sang a few songs and was accompanied by English/German teacher Ivica Prpic.

 If I ain't got you/Some people want it all
Don't you remember
Beneath your beautiful

Bruno and Dominik attend guitar lessons in our school ...
The house of the rising sun

Acrobatic rock'n'roll

 The photos of the staff and some members of the Comenius team:

All the photos were taken and videos recorded by Ljiljana Baresa, maths teacher.

Hrvatincica-Croatian-English-German dictionary-school things

The video was made by 2nd grade pupils and German teacher Vesna Horvat Kovacec.