Friday, 18 May 2012

A Lesson Plan : Mother Teresa / Poland

A generous-hearted person – Mother Teresa of Calcutta
Aims of the lesson:
The students:
- are expressing their opinions about different ways of helping people in need
- are searching for information about Mother Teresa of Calcutta
- are presenting all the collected information
- are listening carefully to other students’ statements
- are using the information technology – the search engine and the word processor
- understand the need of organizing help for the people in need
- are organizing the exhibition dedicated to Mother Teresa of Calcutta
- a conversation steered by the teacher
- practical activities
Forms: individual, working as a team, collective
Teaching materials: books concerning Mother Teresa of Calcutta, computer sets, search engine, word processor, artistic materials
The course of the lesson:
1. Presenting the aim of the lesson – a conversation about different means of helping people and the meaning of helping people in need
2. Providing students with the subject of the lesson – The generous-hearted people – Mother Teresa of Calcutta
3. Working in a team and individual work
- searching for information about Mother Teresa’s life and charitable activities
- matching the photos with the text
- printing the projects
4. The display of the collected materials:
- reading the collected information
- showing the photos and illustrations
- arranging an exhibition of the students’ projects concerning Mother Teresa of Calcutta
5. The summary of the lesson:
- brainstorming - how we can help people in need these days.

Bozena Gobcewicz, English Teacher of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 47 im. J.K. Branickiego/Poland

Lithunia Evening /Poland

On 18th April 2012 there was a Lithuanian evening in our school prepared by teachers, students and parents. At the beginning children presented their own multimedia display devoted to Lithuania. It was a great opportunity for all the gathered people to expand their knowledge concerning Lithuanian culture, cuisine or even sports stars. After the presentation students were divided into teams and participated in the quiz about Lithuania. The winners received modest gifts. Finally, we could all taste Lithuanian specialties, such as dumplings, bread, cheese, cakes etc. We all had a wonderful time and we are looking forward to another meeting!

Bozena Gobcewicz, English Teacher of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 47 im. J.K. Branickiego/Poland

Monday, 14 May 2012

Faith in My Life/Croatia

The video was made by German teacher Sandra Maglov.

Monday, 7 May 2012

Famous Sport People / Poland

Bozena Gobcewicz, English Teacher of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 47 im. J.K. Branickiego/Poland

Comenius Primary School / Italy

Michela Chiappini,English Teacher Of Istituzione Scolastica Autonoma n.11 Vezzano Ligure/ Italy


Michela Chiappini,English Teacher Of Istituzione Scolastica Autonoma n.11 Vezzano Ligure/ Italy

Friday, 4 May 2012

Vilkaviskis Primary School Welcomed the Comenius partners from Europe/Lithuania

The last week of April the community of Vilkaviskis Primary school hosted forty five
 people-teachers, students and their parents from five European countries-Croatia, Czech Republic, Italy, Poland and Turkey.
Vilkaviskis Primary school is participating in Comenius Multilateral Partnership Project „Join Hands and hug Europe“. The multilateral learner-centred intercultural Project aims at providing a platform for close cooperation between six European primary schools- their pupils, teachers and other education staff in order to improve the school climate and create a safer, more tolerant and inclusive school by reducing violence and bullying and ensuring that every child feels accepted and develops its potential to the full.
Seventeen students from European countries were hosted by the families of Vilkaviskis Primary School students‘. While waiting for the young guests the parents said that hosting a kid from different culture and background  is a kind of a challenge to the whole family.
When the stay was over, one of the mums Gileta Naujokiene  who hosted a Polish girl Julija shared her impressions and gained experience. Her two kids-school chidren perceived the importance of ability to communicate in foreign language and understood huge perspectives that could await in the future if the skills of foreign language will be higher than average. Mrs Gileta noticed that during the stay they communicated in Russian, Polish, English and...the language of gestures. The third grade student-her son-made sure that the speaking English during the English lessons and communicating in English in a real life are two absolutely different things. During the stay the whole family were pleasantly surprised when Julija pronounced Lithuanian words „Labas rytas“(good morning), and „laba diena“ (good afternoon).
The Project „Join hands and hug Europe“ will last till September  2013. The delegation of nine people-five teachers and four students are leaving for Zagreb on the 21st of May. More students will be able to visit countries neighbours-Poland and Czech Republic next school year.
Renata Vitkauskiene,
                                                                                                                                                                       The journalist

Irada Miltiniene,English Teacher Of Vilkaviskis Primary School/Lithuania

Thursday, 3 May 2012

Primary School Zitnjak

The presentation/video  was done by Ivana Cale, English teacher.

My Home

My home

                                  The film was made by pupils Ena and Nika (7.b),  
                                  Primary School Zitnjak, Croatia