Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Monday, 25 March 2013

The beauties of my country& The cultural and historical monuments

The presentation 'The Island of Pag' was done by Nika Adamovic (8b).

The presentation 'Istria' was done by Dijana Marijan (8d).

The presentation 'Trogir' was done by Antonela Kovacevic (8d).

The short presentation 'Split' was done by Antonio Vrbat (8a).
The short ppt 'Dubrovnik' was done by Emanuel Zenko (8a).
The presentation 'Vodice' was done by Kristina Raso (8b).

Our pupil's success in fashion modelling

Our 8th grade pupil Larissa, who achieves outstanding results and has ''A'' grades in all subjects, 
has appeared on the pages of the famous teen magazine OK.

The Project's Song Contest

Primary School Zitnjak's contestant is Nika. 
Nika is a talented 8th grader who has excellent marks in all subjects.



The Culture Quiz was created by our librarian Drago Cavlovic. 

Saturday, 23 March 2013


The presentation was made by German teacher Vesna Horvat Kovacec.

The following presentation was prepared by pupils Emanuel Zenko and Antonio Vrbat. 
It was intended for Croatian pupils-that's why it is in Croatian. 


The importance of being assertive

The short video,made by English teachet I.Cale, shows how a talented pupil Nika has made a wise choice.
Instead of deciding to sing alone at an important concert at VIP club on November 7 
as she had been advised by several teachers and radio presenters, Nika made a decision to sing with her schoolmates.
Nika's decision was assertive - performing as a lead singer Nika's talent will be recognized. 
The decision was generous - Nika's friends could take part in the important school  competition  and could experience their moments of fame:
a) they performed two songs at a live concert broadcasted by the radio station Antena Zagreb and TV channel Nova TV.
b) their song Next to me was being played on the radio for the whole week.
c) articles on the project Stop bullying through music were published by a few newspapers and magazines. The finale was covered by the papers as well.
The pupils will never forget those moments of fame thanks to their generous friend!

Tanzanian story

The presentation was made by Italian teacher Marija Markic who has visited Tanzania twice so far and has spent several months in an orphanage in Songea as a volunteer. Marija visited our school in May 2011 and was informing us about the life in Tanzania and her work with children. 
We have added music to this presentation hoping that Marija won't mind it.

    Our 7th and 8th graders collected money for their friends in Songea on Valentine's Day 2012 and 2013.