Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The International Day of Tolerance in Lithuania

On the 16th of November, The International Day of Tolerance was held in Lithuania. Throughout the country ,the sails of the ships of tolerance were flapping. Vilkaviskis Primary school also decided to join the campaign“The ship of Tolerance“ Welcome to have a look at our pupils‘ works.
Irada Miltiniene, English Teacher Of Vilkaviskis Primary School/Lithuania

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Comenius Corner For The First Meeting In Italy/Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School/Turkiye

We have been displaying all the project material in our hall comenius corner at Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School , in Turkiye. According to our project, every partner school  set up a corner  where all products  developed  throughout the project and every important information connected with our project are displayed.In this way, every student  knows what is happening. Our first meeting  was in Italy.  All students can see the photos of  Italy trip in the corner.

Our comenius corner has some samples of our works that have been done by the students in the project. For example, models of Colosseum and Pisa tower, posters about Italy are showed. Parents  also   follow the project  and outcomes from the corner.   Here are our posters  which were prepared by our pupils. All posters were done during English class by students.

Aslı Altan Altundal, English Teacher of Türkkonut Emel Önal  Primary School/Turkiye

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Italy Evening in Poland

On 16th November 2011 teachers, students and parents from 47 Primary School in Białystok prepared together an Italian Evening. At the beginning the presentation of the pictures taken during our first partner meeting in Italy took place. Everyone was delighted and fascinated by the wonderful views and listened carefully to the full account of the first Comenius visit. Then, our students divided into six teams consisting of three people each, took part in the quiz about Italy. Since our students’ knowledge of this country is wide, there was a certain amount of friendly rivalry between the teams. After the quiz a long-awaited moment finally came:“ tasting Italian specialties, like pizzas, pesto, tiramisu, risotto, etc. prepared by our students and their parents. We all talked, ate, admired posters about Italy made by our students, and listened to Italian music. Everyone liked the meeting very much and now cannot wait for the next!
Bozena Gobcewicz, English Teacher of Szkoła Podstawowa nr 47 im. J.K. Branickiego/Poland

Monday, 21 November 2011

Italy Days in Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School -Quiz About Italy/Turkiye

On the 15 th, 16th and 17th November days , some activities were studied and a quiz about Italy was given in Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School in Turkiye. 30 students, aged 10 , participated the  different activities consisting to learn some informations about our partner country Italy in English lesson. Each of students worked with their partners. At the end of   all activities, they filled out the quiz.

Our first activity was about the location of Italy. We started  our work by answering this question: Where is Italy in the world? Students found the  location of Italy on the earth. They were surprised that Italy is a boot -shaped peninsula.
Students completed the map worksheet. They coloured the map and read  about the location of Italy.
As a second activity, students  learned  about Italian flag .They coloured the flag worksheet with red -white  and green to make an Italy flag.
We  also talked about the meaning of the colours of Italy flag. Red  part  of flag means the blood in the independence war   like Turkish flag. Our students realised that we have similarities between the meaning of  colours of  flags. Both , Turkish flag and Italian flag,   have   same meaning in the red colour.
How to say some Italian words? They learned "Hello","Thank you", "Good morning " and "Good evening" in Italian. Students greeted their partners in Italian words. It was very fun.
Another activity was to learn an Italian song. The song is a traditional child song" Giro giro tondo". They learned easily with its English meaning.
Giro giro tondo--------turn turn around
Casca il mondo--------The world is falling down
Casca la terra--------The earth is falling down
Tutti giu per terra-------Everybody's sitting down
On second day, some students cooked sphagetti at home and brought to the classroom. Before tasting, we talked about Italian food that they know and they coloured the pizza  and sphagetti worksheets.
They tasted the sphagetti together as a classroom activity. We disscused about how to cook sphagetti and how its shape is.
Students learned about the Roman Colosseum and the leaning tower of Pisa .They answered the questions:How does it look like?Where is it?
They tried to make a model of colosseum and the leaning tower of Pisa from sugar. Then,  they learned the capital , population , religion and  famous musician of Italy.
On third day, students took the quiz about Italy.
All 8th,7th, 6th , 5th and 4th grade students and all school staffs were informed and showed photos about Italy and our partner school in Italy by the powerpoint presentations.

Aslı Altan Altundal, English Teacher of Türkkonut Emel Önal  Primary School/Turkiye

Thursday, 17 November 2011

The First Meeting-Visit a Fascinating Country: Italy

Let's join hands and hug Europe!
Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School from Turkiye started the comenius project "Join Hands and Hug Europe" in September 2011 with the partner schools from Croatia, Lithuania, Poland, Czech Republic, Italy.Our first meeting was in Italy , La Spezia /Vezzano Ligure  between the dates, 26th September  and 30th September.We got   very warm  welcome when  we arrived there.

In the first day , It was a pleasure to meet  our European colleagues and friends and our students also knew pleasantly each other. We tasted delicious National Cuisine of Italy and had fun  at dinner.We loved "Sgabei" ,the special dish of Vezzano Ligure Village. It has very close taste to our meal "Pişi". All people were quite friendly, kind and hospitable.We explored our similarities between Turkish and Italian cultures. 
Italian students greeted us with songs and flowers. After that , We strolled to the partner school's classrooms and participated the some activities.
Our smart student, Selim Can Kılıçaslan performed the piano recital.
Talented Italian students and their music teacher presented us a musical banquet.
The headteacher of Türkkonut Emel Önal Primary School , Kenan Karlıdağ made the national instrument, "Saz" show for kids.
In the second day  , we went to the medieval castle of  Fosdinovo near Sarzana which still belongs to the noble family , Malaspina.Dolphins are the symbol of the family. It was very interesting to learn that Dante Alighieri was hosted at the castel and his room has been protected.
Some legends are surrounding the castel even now. It is belived that the original bed of the Marquis Ippolito who died from drinking poison  breathes  and you can hear his heartbeats  from the knobs  of  the bed .We tried to hear the heartbeats ,it was an exciting experience. Another story was about  a girl, Bianca who was loved  by a young  man.But her family didn't accept their marriage. She was closed a tower with a dog and ate only bread and water. It was told that  she and her dog are still moving room by room in the castle. We managed to see some images as a water stain on the ceilling  which recognized Bianca and her dog.
Our last day activity was a trip to a very attractive region,Cinque Terre that is formed by five villages,Riomaggiore, Corniglia, Manarola, Vernazza, Monterosso. We were surprised that there was no car road. We could  reach the villages by train and by boat. People have been living there for 1000 years.Bright coloured buildings of villages are very caracteristic. The  magnificient scenery is  impressive. At night , We had a farewell dinner in Vezzano Ligure together.

We  have great memories.Bye Italy! Bye kind and hospitable  people !

Aslı Altan Altundal, English Teacher of Türkkonut Emel Önal  Primary School/Turkiye

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Our first meeting in Italy -Vezzano Ligure (September 2011) VIDEO

The following video was made by  English teacher Ivana Cale, the project  coordinator.
You can see the short version of the video:  

The unforgettable trip to Cinque Terre
We would like to thank the headteacher Maria Angela, teachers and pupils of the host  school in Vezzano Ligure for organizing the first meeting perfectly and for their kind  hospitality. 


Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Quiz About Italy / Czech Republic

Barbora Hejtmankova, English Teacher of Základní škola Bělá pod Pradědem/Czech Republic

Sunday, 30 October 2011

The Activities Related To Holocaust/ Lithuania

On the 23rd of September the Commemorative Year celebration events dedicated  to the Lithuanian Jewish genocide victims were held throughout the country.The fourth grade students of our school also remembered the date by visiting the Jewish people‘s massacre place as well as the cemetery . According to the ancient Jewish custom every student brought a small stone to the cemetery  and lit  a candle.
Irada Miltiniene, English Teacher Of Vilkaviskis Primary School/Lithuania