Saturday, 9 February 2013

Assertiveness training

                                         The presentation was done by Ivana Cale, English teacher.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Stribor's Forest

Stribor's Forest  (a modern version)
         In a small village, not far away from town, surrounded by a magic forest lived an honest and kind young man named Brad with his old, sick mother.
            Every day, Brad was going to the town to sell some fruits and vegetables and he was returning to his mother quickly. He was afraid of the town and the unknown.
            One day, while he was selling fruits, he met a young girl named Jennfier whose beauty charmed him. But she was evil, she was a snake in a girl's body. She seduced Brad with her beauty and wealth, so he instantly forgot his old mother and didn't return to the village.
            Jennifer soon led Brad to all vices and he began drinking, stealing and using drugs. His mother tried to find him and warn him but Jennifer sent her away.
            When she returned to the village, the old mother was desperate and she told her problems to a poor girl named Angelina, who was in love with her son for years.
            Angelina  told the mother about the dream. She dreamed of little Cookies, jumping out of the fire. They told her that the only way to save Brad is to visit Stribor-an old wizard who lived in that forest. They lived in a village, so they believed in all kinds of magic and witchcraft.
            The next day they visited Stribor. The mother begged him for help because she loved her son very much. Stribor told her what to do.
            A few days later, Brad overdosed and ended up in hospital. In his hallucinations he was often seeing his old mother. Once he had a feeling that she was there, holding his hand. And she was there, but when he woke up, his mother was gone.
            Soon, his Jennifer visited him and that's when he saw a white box on the hospital locker. Jennifer opened the box and-a little mouse hopped out! She hissed and jumped, showing her snake tongue, trying to catch the mouse. At that moment Brad realised that his mother was right.
            He left Jennifer and returned to the village quickly. Soon, he married Angelina and they had lots of kids.
            From that day on, he kept begging his mother to forgive him. And of course, that's what she did.
Larissa Hasanbegović, 8.b

Stribor's Forest

Stribor's Forest is a magical forest in which bad people become animals.
       Mother and son lived in that forest. Mother was a snake because she was evil and selfish. She was hiding it from her son whom she loved and adored.
       He married a good girl. Mother didn't like it because she didn't want to share the son.
She was selfish and jealous.
       She wanted to separate them. She sent the good girl to the tallest mountain to fetch her some fresh snow, to the frozen lake to fetch her a fish wanting her dead but her wish didn't come true.
The magical forest was helping the good girl. She knew the mother's secret and she didn't say a word because she loved her son.
One day tiny creatures Cookies came out of the fire and sent her to Stribor who would help her.
       Mother went to Stribor. He showed her a village in which she was born and he said:
''If you don't become good I will bring you back to the village of your childhood.
You will forget and live without your son. If you pass the test, you will become a human''.
       When she came back the good girl had little baby chickens and the neighbours were there. Mother wanted to eat them but then she remembered what Stribor said and she kept the tongue in and the magic was gone, she became an ordinary human. When the son came, he saw the mother and his wife hugging and they lived happily ever after.  THE END
                                                                       Allen Hasanbegovic, grade 6d

Creative writing

Stribor's forest (a changed ending)

Granny Mia accepted Stribor's proposal-she went to the village of her youth and she lived there not knowing of her son. Mia's son Will realized his mistakes and left Samantha and went in search of his mother. After much searching he couldn't find her. Will was lost in the woods and he died of cold and Samantha is looking for a new husband.

Marija Perđun, 6.d

Sunday, 3 February 2013

Let's read the story Stribor's Forest

"Stribor's Forest" is based on the  popular Croatian fairy tale, written in 1916 by Ivana Brlic Mazuranic, "the CroatianTolkien". 

You can watch a part of the cartoon at:
This unique, funny and original cartoon was made by Alistair Keddie, Scottish animator and  designer.

Our pupils had a task to change the ending of the story.

Martin Luther King

The presentation was done by Ivana Cale, English teacher.

National Park Brijuni

The presentation was done by Ivana Cale, English teacher.

Our 7th graders on a trip to Pula and Brijuni last June.

Christmas at Primary School Zitnjak

The presentation Catholic feasts celebrated in Croatia was done by 7th grade pupil Andriana Javni..

8th graders (8a,b,c,d) had their own concert and a dance.
Shots taken during the rehearsal: